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SIMPLE elegant

From design to development, N1 runs through the elegant simplicity of the mind,
not only the structural stability and strong power, but also to give the simple beauty.

strong Inner core make powerful performance

The new Himiway motor made by the world's leading N45 magnet and 270 silicon steel material.
The operating power improved by 50% than the previous generation, which can reach 350W.
Lower energy consumption, more save power, and run more quietly.

Original Samsung lithium battery

Multi-18650 lithium cell parallel, Each lithium battery capacity of up to 2200mAh, the energy density is five times more than the traditional lead-acid batteries.
At the same time every single batteries are individually equipped with PTC, Provide current and temperature insurance for every single battery,
this battery is only used on electric vehicles before, and it’s now the first time to use on the electric unicycle.

Precision Technology, Excellent details

Come back to the industrial design source, pay tribute to the Superb mechanical manufacturing process.
Enhance the ultimate quality of details.

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